Brockton Writers Reading Series ♥ — Interview

The lovely folks at Brockton Writers Reading Series are hosting me along with 3 other Ontario writers — Ryanne Kap, Waubgeshig Rice, and Marlo K. Shaw — for a reading this coming Wednesday, July 08.  It’s happening on Glad Day TV, via zoom, starting at 8:30pm. Access is PWYC. Leading up to it, my friend… Continue reading Brockton Writers Reading Series ♥ — Interview


Naked Heart 2019!

The 5th annual Naked Heart: An LGBTQ Festival of Words (the world’s largest queer/trans literary festival) happens this weekend.  I love this event every year, for its realness, freshness, relatability; for featuring queers like me and unlike me, all having meaningful, vulnerable conversations about, and presenting work about, the intersection of queer/trans lives and literature. … Continue reading Naked Heart 2019!


A Short Love Letter on the 1st Night of Chanukah

Chag sameach to everyone celebrating Chanukah.  And happy holidays to all of you celebrating whatever is meaningful to your heart this time of year.  Especially marginalised queer & trans folks. May warmth & love & hope & kindness & gentleness & softness & understanding & self-acceptance show up as guests for your feasts & never… Continue reading A Short Love Letter on the 1st Night of Chanukah