A Short Love Letter on the 1st Night of Chanukah

Chag sameach to everyone celebrating Chanukah.  And happy holidays to all of you celebrating whatever is meaningful to your heart this time of year.  Especially marginalised queer & trans folks. May warmth & love & hope & kindness & gentleness & softness & understanding & self-acceptance show up as guests for your feasts & never… Continue reading A Short Love Letter on the 1st Night of Chanukah


Upcoming Pride performances

I’m doing 2 poetry readings for Pride in Toronto: As part of Too Queer: A Bi Visibility Cabaret, the brilliant, captivating brainchild of Katie Sly.  Saturday June 25, 7:30pm, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. As part of Proud Voices, organised by Glad Day Bookshop, at the Poetic Justice event. … Continue reading Upcoming Pride performances


On Apologetic Disability

Last year, during a challenging experience of having to trial-and-error solutions to disability access while staying somewhere overnight, I realised I often exhibit an attitude I’ve started calling Apologetic Disability.  (When I talked this afterwards over with my spousefriend, who is a lifelong disability activist, she said that most disabled folks perform Apologetic Disability some… Continue reading On Apologetic Disability