I love doing workshops and education sessions for groups and organisations, on sexuality, disability, and survival.  These are the workshops I have available right now:

  • Your Yes, Your No, and Your May I? A Practical, Body-Based Approach to Consent Skills.  (Presented at Playground 2015.)

What do you want?  How can you ask for it?  How do you respond to someone else’s offer?  How well do you hear the answer?  In this workshop participants will practice tuning into their bodies in order to understand whether they wish to say yes, no, or maybe to a (sexual or otherwise) activity — and then practice asking and responding to consent queries.   This session was developed with a grounding in the experience of survivors of sexual trauma.

  • Healing Sexuality 101: A Workshop for Sexual Abuse Survivors

Are you a survivor who would like to heal their sexuality, but has no idea where to get started?  Or do you feel overwhelmed whenever the topic of sexuality comes up, and anxious that you’ll never feel at ease about yourself as a sexual person?  This workshop is a starting-from-scratch discussion, with many practical exercises, of the foundations of healthy sexuality.  Participants will be learning the necessary ‘basic’ stuff that can then be used as building blocks to develop their own unique sexuality and their sexual self, including practical steps to making friends with their bodies and practicing embodied consent skills.

I am currently developing other sessions, on sexuality and disability, and more specific workshops for survivors.  If you have a workshop idea that falls within my areas of passion/focus, do get in touch (Kamila.Rina.catalyst at gmail dot com) and let’s talk about it.