This web shop sells both digital and physical items, with a focus on downloadable audio performances of my poems. If there is a poem track you’d like to see for sale here, please get in touch via my contact form.

Digital Products – Audio

Stagger (Audio Track)

Audio file of performance of “Stagger” by the poet.

Digital Products – Print

Multitasking With Feelings – handmade chapbook (1st ed)

These handmade poetry chapbooks are available with covers in the 3 colours of the bisexual flag. (Bisexual as in: “attracted to more than one gender”, obviously.)


Digital Products – Ebook

Multitasking with Feelings (2nd ed), PDF

PDF of a 2nd (“Enby”) edition of the chapbook “Multitasking with Feelings”. This version has the same poems, but was made with a more accessible font and lightly re-edited, to…