Multitasking With Feelings – handmade chapbook (1st ed)

3 poetry chapbooks in pink, purple, and blue. All are titled "Multitasking with Feelings".

These handmade poetry chapbooks of 24 pages are available with covers in the 3 colours of the bisexual flag. (Bisexual as in: “attracted to more than one gender”, obviously.) Update: I’ve now sold out of the purple ones.

This is the first edition, from 2015. If you’re looking for the newer version, updated to more accurately reflect the author’s gender, please buy a digital copy of the second edition, currently available in PDF; ePub forthcoming.

PURCHASE NOTES: This is a physical product, which will be mailed to you. Please choose the appropriate pricing option for your shipping region, and include a shipping address with your purchase. If you need to provide one post-purchase, or if you have a preference for a pink or blue cover, please email me at KRwebshop at pm dot me. For other options of where/how to get these, see the Chapbooks tab.